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Travel Vaccines - International Travel Vaccines Centre

On broad outlook at least they should be up-to-date with the following vaccination Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis and Polio Hepatitis A (hepatitis B if they require) Malaria prophylaxis medications.

Other specialized vaccinations should be discussed during consultation with our Travel Doctor depends upon your travel itinerary, travel duration and mode of travel Cholera Meningococcal Japanese Encephalitis Rabies Dengue fever and your travel accessories requirement.

While traveling in Asian countries beware and follow basic principles, Cook'it, Boil'it and Peel'it or Forget'it. Food and water awareness, insect protection, animal bites and accidents.

For all your  travel advice and vaccinations talk to our Travel Doctor Make appointment 1300557070 or Book on line All vaccination are done on the same visit following consultation Doctors consultation are Medicare rebated If you are in Private Fund depending upon appropriate plan you can also claim portion of vaccination charges  from the Fund.

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Your health when you go overseas is important - whether you are travelling on a holiday, visiting your friends and relatives, going on a business trip or looking for adventure. Getting individual care and advice based on your itinerary can ensure you have a good trip and come home healthy.

The International Travel Vaccination Centre (ITVC) is a well established travel vaccination centre with over 15 years experience. We provide a full vaccination service and are Yellow Fever accredited.

Our doctors have completed the Certificate of Travel Health through the International Society of Travel Medicine (ITSM) and are specialised in delivering travel health and vaccination advice.