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Recent Outbreaks
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Recent Outbreaks

The Department of Public Health and Social Services confirmed yesterday that an ongoing outbreak of fever, rash, and joint pain in Yap transmitted through mosquito bites has been identified as Chikungunya virus. As of now, there is no medication to treat the disease,conservative management


The eradication of polio has been declared an emergency priority among 21 nations in the Middle East, according to a joint resolution from the World Health Organization (WHO). Health officials will try to get polio vaccines to more than 20 million children


How to reduce the possibility of being bitten by insects or arthropods that can transmit diseases (vector-borne), such as malaria, dengue, and tick borne encephalitis (TBE), you should?

Use an insect repellent on exposed skin to repel mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other arthropods. DEET concentrations of 30% to 80% are effective for several hours.

Advice for Travel to Saudi Arabia during the Hajj

Each year, nearly 2 million people from over 140 countries travel to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj, a pilgrimage to the holy places of Islam. Travelers to Saudi Arabia during the Hajj should expect large crowds at places of lodging. 

Transportation services can become very crowded as well. Crowded conditions may play a role in the transmission of certain infections, such as meningococcal disease (meningitis), influenza (the flu) and other respiratory viruses; in addition, the potential for accidental injury is increased.

Human infection with Avian Influenze A (H5N1) Virus

Advice for travelers

Avian influenza A (H5N1) viruses usually affect wild birds but have infected and caused serious disease among poultry, such as chickens. Human infections with H5N1 viruses are rare, but have also occurred in several countries since 2003. 

Plague, Democratic Republic of Congo

According to World Health Organization (WHO) report, a suspected pneumonic plague outbreak was reported in 2 health zones of Haut-Uele District, Oriental Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). An outbreak of plague was reported in Ituri District of Oriental Province in June 2006.

Chikungunya Fever: India and Indian Ocean Islands

Chikungunya fever is a viral disease transmitted to humans by the bite of infected Aedes and Culex mosquitoes, including the daytime-biting Aedes aegypti and Ae.albopictus species.

Symptoms can include sudden onset of fever, chills, headache, nausea, vomiting, joint pain with or without swelling, low back pain, and rash. The symptoms are very similar to those of dengue, but, unlike dengue, there is no hemorrhagic or shock syndrome form. This disease is almost always self-limited and rarely fatal.

Recent Outbreaks: Measles and Mumps Outbreaks

Measles and mumps remain common diseases in many parts of the world, including some developed countries. For travelers, the risk for exposure to measles and mumps can be high, and both diseases can be prevented by the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.

Outbreaks of measles in several European countries (Belarus, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine) that were reported in 2006 have waned in all countries except Ukraine, where the outbreak is ongoing. In addition, measles outbreaks are being reported from Kenya and Tanzania. A measles outbreak in Venezuela, South America that began in April 2006 has also waned.

Recent Outbreaks: Global status of Polio

According to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI),* only 4 countries (Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan) remain polio-endemic, an all-time low. Egypt, which had been considered polio-endemic, has remained free of poliovirus transmission for over 22 months.

Plans are under way for immunization response activities in all affected countries.

Avian Influenza H7N9

19 people who came into contact with Hong Kong's 2nd H7N9 flu patient are being kept in isolation in a hospital and at a holiday camp. They include 13 Tuen Mun Hospital patients who were being cared for in beds close to the 80-year-old man when he was initially admitted to hospital for diabetes and heart failure. Five of the man's relatives and the taxi driver who took him from the Shenzhen Bay border post to the hospital make up the rest of the group.
Disease: Avian Influenza H7N9
Location: China; Hong Kong

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