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Travel Vaccines - International Travel Vaccines Centre

International Travel Vaccination Centre

Our International Travel Vaccination Centre also carries all Malaria medications, Malaria test kits and travel accessories. Read More


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Travel Doctors

Our Travel Doctors have over 15 years experience and are members of InternationalBook Appointment

International Travel Vaccination Centre

Our International Travel Vaccination Centre also carries all Malaria medications, Malaria test kits and Travel accessoriesBook Appointment

International Travel Vaccination Centre

Majority of the vaccinations will be administered at the same time as the consultationBook Appointment


Welcome to Travel Vaccines

Welcome to the International Travel Vaccination Centre (ITVC). ITVC is a well established travel vaccination centre that has been helping people travel safely for over 15 years. Our knowledgeable and experienced travel doctors can offer you advice and vaccination support based on your individual travel itinerary. Whether you are travelling overseas for business, pleasure, leisure or adventure, put an appointment with ITVC at the top of your travel planning checklist.




Covid-19 Pfizer & Astra Zeneca Vaccine

Is now available from International Travel Vaccination Centre locations. You can call the Centre for appointments on 1300557070.



Yellow Fever

Some countries won’t let you enter without the required vaccinations. The most common vaccination required on entry into countries is the Yellow Fever vaccination.
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Travel Doctors

Our Travel doctors are able to cater for your needs. Our vaccination centre carries a range of vaccinations which can be administered during your consultation.


What Travel Vaccinations Do You need

Each country you might travel to overseas will have its own health risks and diseases. The vaccinations you will need to combat these diseases will be based on your destination countries and travel itinerary.

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ITVC is part of the Travel Medical Alliance (TMA), an Australian alliance of independent of travel medicine practitioners formed to help travel clinics offer better services to their customers. Read more ≫
Our experienced and knowledgeable Travel Health Doctors have all completed the ITSM Certificate in Travel Health through the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM). Read more ≫

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Yellow Fever Vaccination Accredited Centre

Yellow Fever Vaccination Accredited Centre

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OGUK Medical Examination

OGUK Medical Examination

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Hair Follicle Drug Test

Hair Follicle
Drug Test

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Student Travel & School Programmes

Student Travel &
School Programmes

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OGUK Medical Examination

BCG Vaccine

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Urine Drug Test CDT Blood Alcohol For Family Court Orders Will Be Performed

Urine Drug Test CDT Blood Alcohol For Family Court Orders Will Be Performed

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Notice Due to compulsory Acquisition of 37 Bligh street by Metro Development ITVC(International Travel Vaccination Centre) now relocated to: Suite 603 Level 6 BMA House 135-137 Macquarie street Sydney NSW 2000
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