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Urinary Drug Tests

Who needs urinary Drug tests?
Urinary Drug tests will be done for several reasons

  • Employer requesting spot urine drug test at work to keep employees and work place safe
  • Like air lines, railways public transport private industries and so on
  • Employer requesting Urine drug test prior to employment to evaluate employee has got any drug (drug dependency)related issues
  • Family court orders to undertake regular urine tests in relation to Family disputes which need to be co-ordinated by legal entities
  • Private individuals who want to prove themselves to other partners or parties any drug related issues

International Travel Vaccination Centre

Conduct spot urine drug testing by using DOA quick cup which is rapid visual immunoassay for qualitative detection of combination drugs in human urine specimen
Urine drug tests confirms following drugs and there metabolites

AMP.              Amphetamines
COC.              Cocaine
BZO. .             Benzodiazepams (Oxyzepam)
MET. .             Met amphetamines
OPI/MOR.      Morphine
THC.                 Marijuana

Urine Drug tests also confirms any adulteration for Oxidants, specific gravity, PH , nitrates and creatinine
The test conducted on the spot in presence of client and the results are issued at the same time at the Centre

CGT Blood Alcohol test

CGT stands for carbohydrate-deficient Transferrin is an alcohol biomarker Test CGT Test is under taken if someone is a binge drinker or daily heavy drinker anywhere up to 60 to 80 g/d

GGT levels tend to be higher in people who regularly drink heavily compared with people who drink in moderation or only drink heavily on occasion. Because of this, may measure GGT levels to test for acute or chronic alcohol abuse.

The GGT test is a simple blood test.

The healthcare professional collect and label the sample and send it to a lab for testing. The lab should produce the results within a day or two, though it may take a little longer for the doctor to receive and interpret the results.

What is Carbohydrate– Deficient Transferrin?

Transferrin, a negatively charged glycoprotein, is metabolised in the liver, circulates in the bloodstream, and assists in iron transport in the body. It contains two carbohydrate residues and two N–linked glycans Six sialic acid moieties may be attached. With heavy alcohol intake, these moieties can lose carbohydrate content, hence the term “carbohydrate–deficient” transferrin (CDT)

CDT levels appear to elevate following alcohol consumption of 60–80 g/d for 2 or 3 weeks and they normalise with a mean half–life of 2–4 weeks of abstinence False–positive CDT results can be found in patients with an inborn error of glycoprotein metabolism or a genetic D–variant of transferrin. False positives can also occur in patients with severe non–alcoholic liver diseases (e.g., primary biliary cirrhosis), those with diseases characterised by high total transferrin, and individuals who have received combined kidney and pancreas transplants
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