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Travelling to South America

If you are travelling to South American countries the following vaccinations are recommended;

  • Tetanus
  • Diphtheria pertussis
  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid ( Hep B if required )

Meningococcal, Meningitis vaccination and Malaria medications may also be recommended depending on where, when and for how long you are travelling, this will be discussed during consultation.

The above vaccinations are recommendations only.

Please note that the Yellow Fever Vaccination is a mandatory vaccination when travelling to the South American countries.

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Yellow fever mainly spreads from the bite of infected mosquitoes. Travelers are strongly advised to vaccinate against this disease and a vaccination certificate from the approved centre is essential to re-enter the country. As this vaccination cannot be given with some vaccinations, it is best to seek travel vaccination advise well before the departure.

Typhoid is an infection caused by the Bacteria Salmonella group. It occurs worldwide but more common in developing countries. Typhoid is transmitted by contaminated food, water or ice, shell-fish taken from the sewerage contaminated waters, raw fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products contaminated by the hands of the carriers are also common avenues of transmission. Typhoid vaccine is by far the best protection for the travelers traveling to developing countries.

Rabies is characteristically transmitted by the bite or scratch from rabid infected animals.

People who are intending to work in farms and work with other animals are strongly advised to have this prophylactic anti-rabies vaccination. As this vaccination involves a series of three vaccinations it is recommended to plan ahead for this vaccination.

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The best approach to Malaria prevention is based on two defenses:

  1. Oral Prophylaxis Medication
  2. OR personal protection against malaria.

Because Malaria is wide spread and may be chloroquine resistant it is best to consult an ITVC doctor who may advise you of the most beneficial treatment on an individual basis depending on the duration of travel


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